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What I Do

I want all small business owners to feel like their website is a valuable asset that does what they want it to do. If your website is frustrating you in any way, if you want it to do something new or learn more about how it works, or if your website doesn’t exist yet, I can help. My personal, friendly and reliable service means that updating, maintaining or creating your website can become a stress-free experience for you.

Keep reading or use the menu above to find out more about how I do this. Feel free to give me a call to ask me any questions about my services or to talk about your website. 


Whether you are after a brand new website, or updates to your existing one, I offer web design services to suit all budgets.

To support your cash-flow I offer flexible payment options, including Pay As You Go pricing and spreading the cost with instalments.


Do you need some updates making to your existing website? Would you like some help to keep it running smoothly?

I offer site servicing and maintenance to keep your site up to date and secure. My monthly maintenance package also includes website performance reports.

Site Setup Support

Have you tried the DIY website route and found it has taken much longer than anticipated? Or do you still want to try DIY but would like help to handle the hurdles?

My site setup support service provides consultation on an ad hoc basis to get your site up and running.


For a truly unique website for your business I create bespoke designs that can include all sorts of special features. Using photo slideshows, video backgrounds, and animated features, I can really bring your site to life. I can also create special areas for your website such as custom blog or podcast archive pages, members-only areas, event/calendar booking facilities much more.

If you want a lower budget alternative, that’s no problem. I  offer website creation using professional pre-built templates that I customise to suit your business and your brand.

If you are going down the route of creating your own website I offer 1 to 1 support to assit you with this. I can also quote for helping you with specific parts of your project if there’s anything you’re finding particularly tricky. 

After your website design is completed I don’t disappear and leave you to it. I offer a month of free maintenance to make sure your website carries on working properly, and to keep it safe and secure. As part of the service I give you a monthly report about how, when and where people visit your website. I’m also on hand to make changes to your website content if you find you want to change it after it’s been finished.

After the first month I offer this same maintenance service for an affordable monthly fee ensuring the upkeep of your website is never a hassle for you.

When your website reflects who you are and what your business is about, you want it to work the way you expect, and you want your audience to have have a great experience.

As well as designing websites, I spend quite a bit of time testing them. If you have a website and want to know how user-friendly it is I can test it for you, giving you constructive feedback and suggestions for meaningful improvements. I explore your website, using a computer, phone or tablet, and can give you guidance on how to fix any bugs that I find.

Contact me to book a test for your website.

Help with hosting

To ensure you have unconditional, full control of your website I always recommend you arrange buying your domain name yourself. I offer affordable hosting as part of my services, or you are welcome to choose your own provider. Either way, I’ll support you in getting the hosting package that is right for your needs, and help you with linking it to your domain. 

Other services

What else might you need for your website? Professional photos or videos? Logos or other graphic design? Someone to write your copy or manage your social media channels linking back to your site?

I collaborate with a network of excellent professionals who can support you with these services. Contact me to find out more.


Get a Quote

web design services

I hear so many stories from small business owners, especially start-ups, who hold back from getting a website done due to being quoted sky-high prices. I offer an affordable alternative with a range of design options to suit different budgets.

The requirements for every business are unique. After taking the time to fully understand what you need, I will agree pricing with you up front so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. I also quote for modifications to existing websites, whether that’s rebuilding them on WordPress, adding new pages or sections, or adding new features. 

Flexible Payment Options

Cash flow is an important consideration for small businesses. I therefore offer a Pay As You Go option for multi-page website designs. After the main home page or landing page is created, you can pay for each additional page separately when you are ready for me to add it to your site.

All design work is paid for in instalments to help spread the cost of your project.

Get in touch to find out more about my flexible payment options.

site setup support

My Site Setup Support service allows you to get the help you want when setting up your own website. As part of this service I can get your site set up ready for you to load all your content, or I can help you to finish off a site which you have already started. I can also provide guidance for using WordPress. This is a really flexible service that I tailor for your requirements. Contact me to find out more.

site servicing & maintenance

If you want to make changes to your website or it isn’t working properly, get in touch and I will happily take a look to find out what I can do to help.

I offer an affordable website maintenance package which includes updates to themes and plugins, fixing bugs, monitoring site security, monthly site performance reports and small updates to existing page content. For any site which I have designed I offer 1 month of maintenance for free. 

About Me

Profile photo of Amy Dudbridge

Website design has been something of an unexpected career path for me but I have discovered a natural affinity and passion for it. As an engineer by training it ticks all the boxes for me in terms of my enjoyment of technical design, and utilises very similar skills to computer aided design (which I have done a lot of over the years). 

My business came about after I became a Mum, and needed to find work that I could fit in around caring for my daughter. For a few months I tried a variety of flexible work opportunities. As part of this I built a blog website and got into website testing. Then, the website I had built was shown to the director of a small business. He was looking for someone to create a website for his company after previous efforts hadn’t worked out. He asked if I would be interested… I was!

I really enjoyed building the website for his company. I couldn’t wait to do more, so I decided to take the plunge and start my website design business. Having come from a family who have always run their own businesses or worked for themselves. I understand what hard work this can be sometimes and how rare ‘normal working hours’ are. This is why I am keen to support start-ups, small businesses and sole traders in achieving their online marketing ambitions.

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